Leadership, Team Building & Outdoor Learning in Bangkok
with fully trained Instructors from England


We are passionate about encouraging everyone to learn in new and exciting ways. Our events are aimed at achieving positive personal development through challenging team tasks and outdoor experiences. We coach Leadership, Team Building, and Outdoor Activities in a fun, English speaking environment to all ages.

Skills for Life

Learn Leadership and Team Building skills to overcome challenges, become resourceful and develop a positive attitude to achieve success

Personal Development

Boost your Self-confidence, increase Motivation, and improve your social and emotional well-being

Our Vision

To provide high quality training to assist your learning career at School, University, Employment and beyond


"My daughter attended an Action Command event 2 weeks ago. She really enjoyed herself and learned many new things about being a part of a team. The activities she did helped her with many different qualities that are important for kids. At the end of the event, she had more self-confidence and had been taught the basics of teamwork and how to adapt and overcome challenges.I was very impressed with the organisation and the motivation and encouragement that Guy and Neil gave my daughter. Will definitely be coming back to Action Command again."
Tai Saelensminde

Jayla was having so much fun. And beside that, most importantly, she learned and worked together with other kids to achieve the task. If you, parents, have seen enough of your kid only playing games, watching TV, playing phone and tablets, THIS IS the place to come. It is so much fun. She said she had the greatest time. And look over what they have learned and became the most valuable experience of their lives. Everything was partly games, partly tasks that they can adapt to use in real life. Thank you Guy and the team. We sure had the best time and will be seeing you and the team again soon.
Yui Withsingh


Our events improve and develop:
» Positive personal development  
» Self-confidence    
» Improved problem solving
» Better communication
» Teamwork
» Leadership development
» Increased motivation

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Junior Leaders
School Programme

Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm
Ages 6-16 years

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Junior Leaders
Adventure Weekends and Outdoor Learning (AWOL)

Sundays: 9am-3pm
Ages 6-11 years
Go AWOL with Action Command this Weekend!

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Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm


Junior Leaders
School Programme

Includes Activity Instruction
Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm

Junior Leaders
Adventure Weekend & Outdoor Learning (AWOL)

Includes Activity Instruction & Lunch
Sundays: 9am-3pm


Includes Activity Instruction & Lunch
Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm

Our Team

All our staff are highly motivated, enthusiastic and professional. Our English instructors deliver excellent quality Team/Command tasks and Outdoor Learning Experiences to people of all abilities. Each session is unique, appropriately challenging for each individual and great fun for everyone.

Guy Howle

Director & Instructor


Action Command
50/106 Tanya Thani
Lamlukka Road

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Neil +66 (0)660 762 761
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